In the majority of our workshops, students create projects that engage problem solving, and that are functional and fun. Here are just a few of some of the most popular projects students experience.

It's About Time!                                                   

In this workshop, you'll design a creative device for telling time. Will it sit on a table or hang on a wall? Only time will tell. Make a time-piece filled with imagination and ingenuity.

Wix Scents       

Before there was electricity there were candles. In this workshop, you'll have an opportunity to create a candle from start to finish. . . Looks and smells awesome!

Let There Be Light!     

Pull a string, or turn a switch . . . and let there be light! In this lamp design workshop, you'll learn how to make a lamp. Oohh! Let's not forget about the shade. . You'll design that too.

Build it!            

Create learning furniture from benches to chairs. Develop carpentry skills as you paint, sand, saw and varnish. Team work will be the secret ingredient in this workshop. When done, you'll want a seat.

The Beautiful Project                             

In this workshop you'll create masks inspired from the beauty of indigenous cultures and your imagination

Carve Stamp Print

Learn the basics of printmaking. Cut, carve, stamp, print will be the order of this creative event.

Dot It!                                                                                                                      

This is an ancient art form created by indigenous Australians known as Aboriginals. Learn the symbols, history and process which has been a way of communicating their history for centuries.

3D Plaster Sculptures

In this  workshop you'll create 3D plaster sculptures that you cast yourself. Carve, contour and form in plaster.



Ever wondered how cartoons were created? Well here's a chance to create one...with your own live action book! Learn to make a flipbook - the beginnings of animated pictures. Draw frame-by-frame. Flip pages. Create Action!!!

Dip Dye Tie Drip                

From fabric panels to t-Shirts, there so much to do with textiles. Children will have a blast creating naturally awesome designs, patterns and color blends when they tie-dye. What a surprise!

Picture Puzzles                                                              

Learn the process of making mosaics while learning how to use the tools and the materials. Hammer!  Nip!  Crack!


Look at Me        

In this drawing workshop create blind contour self-portraits using simple drawing materials. Go from reality to abstract with just one line.

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