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  1. Can you find all of the elements & principals of art in the puzzle?
  2. Do you know some of the color schemes?
  3. Colors & Color Mixing - Grades 2-12
  4. Rollercoasters - Grades 1-8
  5. 5 Shapes in Nature - Grades 1-12
  6. Art at Home activities.
  7. Transportation & Building - Pre-K
  8. Ocean & Sand - Pre-K
  9. Art at Home V.2: Play dough, Oil Resist, Collage
  10. Insects and more - Pre-K
  11. William H Johnson 3-6

. . .Other Fun Lessons. . .

  1. Color & Composition
  2. What is 3-Dimensional Art?
  3. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
  4. Dia de los Muertos Lesson Plan
  5. Rollercoasters Pre-K to 6
  6. Rollercoaster Lesson Plan
  7. Artist Retrospective
Children's Films by Jil Ross

See the Chi-nanigans series of short children's films for ages 6 through 12yrs.

 Read Shenanigan Series of books, by author, filmmaker Jil Ross, which laid the foundation for several of her children's films.

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Art is not only essential to a child's learning, but it is a fundamental building block in their acquisition of knowledge. Because parents are a childs first teachers, children excel and thrive when parental involvement and family explore, create and discover together.


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The Arts as Sustainable Development

Part of our vision states, that we use creativity as a resource to help improve the well-being and interests of families and communities, and; to build global relationships through a rich creative cultural exchange. We are dedicated to using the arts as education for sustainable development. In short, the arts unite, bring families together by fostering strong parent/child relationships. Our creative experiences are also designed to promote cultural diversity and respect for one another. The activities we provide often center around children while adults; parents and caregivers alike, share in their excitement of discovery, exploration and inquiry which the arts naturally encourages. Our activities inspire multi-generational interchange within families - who learn together, create together and can explore their creativity together. These activities occur both on-site at our studio located in Gary, IN, as well as off-site in various other communities, both in- and outside of the state. Share what children and families experience as LiveArts Studio uses art education for sustainable development of family and parental involvement