Our Philosophy  

Our philosophy encompasses thirteen principles that define the essential components of our organizations’ approach. Our philosophy emphasizes the values and characteristics fundamental to our leadership and instructional style. They are;

  • Purpose – providing goal-oriented programming, structured activities and sequentially planned projects;
  • Place – learning in an environment that reflects the qualities and conditions that prepare learners to succeed; 
  • Planned Programming – implementing high quality, professionally guided instruction with targeted outcomes;
  • Personnel– learning from dynamic personalities exuding energy and competence;
  • Professionalism – maintaining high standards, and setting high achievable goals;
  • Practice – perfecting and polishing one’s skills through continued exploration;
  • Profitability – learning to approach art production, design and arts experiences with an entrepreneurial focus;
  • Production – learning to develop and understand one's process of creating works;
  • Process – forming habits that inspire, and lead towards one’s desired outcome;  
  • Passion – allowing deeply rooted interests to serve as the birthplace for fueling creative inquiry;
  • Preservation – protecting creative interests, promoting artistic excellence and emphasizing historical influences with respect and ethical consideration. By shaping and cultivating ideas that support one's pursuits, we keep alive our "esprit culturale"
  • Partnerships – collaborating with others for assistance and support - together creating innovative ways of bringing forth interesting ideas. 
  • Pride – displaying delightful confidence in one's creativity.   

By emphasizing these principles, we succeed in developing artistic skills with a view toward entrepreneurship and deliver an enriched program that helps prepare individuals for art-making experiences and opportunities beyond the studio environment. 


Donate. Volunteer. Create something.

Contact us: 4760 Broadway, Gary, IN, 46408 | Phone: 219-221-8211 | email: liveartsstudio1@gmail.com