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ArtXplore - A Multi-art after school program serving children and youth 8 to18yrs.

S.E.A. Me Create - Saturday Experiences in Art program serving children and youth 8 to17yrs.

Children's Art Studio - An exploratory art program for young learners, ages 4 to 7yrs.

Studio-A - Our in-school art program for grades 4 to 12

ArtsCamp - Summer art for learners ages, 4 to18yrs.


In-School, After School & Summer Programming

Studio-A.  Studio-A is our in-school program for grades K-12. This program is offered at schools, churches or service centers during in-school hours.

Art Appreciation - A traditional in-school art program which combines theory, making, history and criticizing.

Art History - A historical perspective of art; European, African-American, Non-Western.

Visiting Artist Project - Instruction guided by practicing artists presenting their area of expertise/discipline.

Children's Art Studio - A focus on early childhood development through art for young learners grades K-3.

ArtXplore.  ArtXplore is our after school program option for ages 8 to 18. We provide programming at our facility, your site, or at an agreed upon location to benefit the art enrichment of children. In this program, we focus on a variety of workshop themes through which students produce a variety of works. Here are some of the most requested themes:

Exploring Identity  - Students focus on the self and create projects that illustrate personal identity.

Exploring Culture - Students create projects that focus on world cultures from Africa to Australia. 

Exploring Community - Students engage and produce projects that have presence in the public eye.

Exploring Nature - Students engage in projects with an emphasis on the natural environment.

Exploring Travel - Students produce projects that emphasize travel and travel paraphernalia. 

STEAM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) compliments our suite of workshops connecting art-making with academic disciplines. STEAM integrates artistic expression in creative and basic ways as well as supports the learning process of science, engineering and math. Work on creative projects that include science, creating something really magnificent. For example, design something using solar lights. Or, design a grass quilt. Make art an experience!  

Art as Therapy.  Art is a great tool for helping individuals communicate through image and form where words are more difficult. Explore ways of making meaningful thoughts and ideas through image. Explore feelings, emotions, wishes and dreams. Interpret stories, find answers, help in healing.


Summer ArtsCamp.  Each year LiveArts Studio offers ArtsCamp which is an exploratory experience of creativity. Children from ages 4 to 18yrs. are able to participate in 3-four day sessions where they create up functional art projects. Sessions begin in June and usually last about one and half hours to two hours long; just enough time to create something great. Register today! Groups wishing to enroll their students are welcome. Have a particular interest? Let us know.


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