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Art activities for children and families

Oil Resist: A Painting Technique that's a fun method when painting. It makes your design appear as if its magic! Explore this interesting technique with us!

Oil Resist A Painting Technique information sheet. Other activities included as well.

Home Scavenger Hunt
Find objects around your home that correspond or begin with the letters in your first name. Draw each object and be as creative as you can with each letter. Watch the video to see how it's done. Look at the examples below to help you. Send pictures of your work. Enjoy!!!

3rd and 4th grades: You're going to write a short story using all of the words and letters that match your first name.

K-2nd grades: Create sentences using the letters and objects you drew for your first name. Parents, help your children write or record their sentences. Send a photo of completed work.
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The Art of William H Johnson
My First Insect Book
Caring Hands
Materials: paper and crayons

Making an Oil Resist Painting
Art at Home Newsletter
MATERIALS: paper, crayons, watercolor paint.

Making Easy Play Dough
MATERIALS: water, flour, salt, food coloring

Making a Collage
MATERIALS: paper, scissors, old magazines, glue, repurposed materials

Making Emoji's
  MATERIALS: paper, crayons, scissors and straws and tape for the emoji sticks.
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